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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Arresting Officers - Evil Has Landed

taken from "Patriotic Voice" (Rock-O-Rama Records 1988)

They don't fly our flag or speak the language
They take our jobs and they don't pay taxes
It's an act of war when they cross the border
So pledge allegiance or be deported

The evil has landed, we gotta fight back
The border patrol will take care of that
The evil has landed, we gotta fight back
Close the borders to the immigrant attack
They set up shop and sell their
Drugs and their murders
While they stand in live to have welfare serve them
They don't join the nation, they try to divide her
They take from the pockets of their only providers

They storm the cities and bring
Their proverty and disease
And blame the nation not the land from where they came
It's not give and take, they're taking over
It's time for the white man to stand together

Parasites are holding the country
With affirmative action they know they've got us
We built the nation that they want to take away
They undermine the culture of the home of the brave